Friday, 13 July 2012


Beyond the French windows
it’s like the bottom of the sea
with green fronds swaying,
seeds and insects floating past
on mysterious currents.
Next door’s hatchback
lurks subtle as a submarine,
clouds swirl like water disturbed.
You expect to see a shark
but it’s just the minnows
of the air, strangely quiet.

Shoals of pigeon, scavenging
squirrels with their floating fur,
the bleached bones
of scuppered deckchairs lurch
at unlikely angles, alongside
the creaking hull of a rusted wheelbarrow.
Whiskered catfish, camoflauged
amongst shed roof barnacles,
observe a whirlpool in the fernery,
and the ground falling away
beyond the reef of patio
into a fathomless green.

© Clare Kirwan

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Clare Kirwan is co-founder of Poetry24, blogs as Broken Biro and tweets a bit. She also writes fiction and her first play 'Enola Gay' premiered in Wirral, July 2012.