Monday, 16 July 2012

The Supreme Sacrifice

Dear Marcus, thank you for your note,
And good luck with that sinking boat.

I'd like to close this chapter now,
Before I'm brought to book somehow.
I do not wish to make a fuss
And so I shall be generous.

I'll happily give up my shares
In Barclays' various affairs.
You needn't give me office space;
I'll work beneath a bridge someplace.

And by the way, you can relax -
I won't force you to pay my tax.

But, given all that I could say,
I'm sure that you'll be glad to pay
No more or less than what is due:
Let's say a million or two.

Now, once you've settled up this bill
I'll take my hands from out the till,
And leave you, Marcus, to arrange
Some semblance of a culture change.

Spare not a thought for poor old me:
Ever your servant, Diamond, B.

© Philip Challinor

Ex-Barclays boss Bob Diamond under pressure to hand £2m payoff to charity

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