Sunday, 29 July 2012

Sunday Supplement

This week's poems spanned the extremes of human nature - from our greatest aspirations to our darkest moments as neatly brought together in Random Acts from first-time contributor Afric McGlinchy, who led us from a feel good carnival in Ireland to an evil joker in a Colorado cinema.

We are heading to a Big Brother state said newcomer Ricardo Walcott in Anti-privacy - a poem on local authority' powers to snoop on residents. You might argue that some people should be watched, or they'll cheat the rest of us and get away with it, suggested Alan Lambert in Punishment Insured.

Meanwhile, 'In hotel lobbies /  Life coaches schedule miracles' according to Caroline Hurley in Wrong Cue - her cynical countdown of self-help measures had everything but chicken soup!

Meanwhile, as athletes from around the globe gathered for another countdown, Rose Drew reminded us of the daily hurdles of the huddled masses outside the arenas in Modern Olympic Games. And as teams compete and crowds gather to watch, E R Olsen brought us full circle us to remind us of the perils of Alone-ness - which begins with the man who 'touched no-one for thirty days' and drew us inexorably back James Holmes who touched so many people's lives last week

Martin and I at Poetry24 are always waiting for you to touch us... and I don't mean it like that!  Which reminds me... are you reading (or doing!) anything kinky this weekend? If so - see below!

Have a great week



As the fog of decadence
Descends upon us
We slide, inexorably,
Towards the floor of depravity,
Like a snowman melting in heat.
By we I mean you
Who will never read these lines.
I am only witness here.
Wisdom is no currency in the pit.

© Thomas Martin

Publisher whips up a beginner's guide to DIY sadomasochism

Thomas Martin lives in Dublin. His prose works have been featured in Piranha, Figments, The Evening Press and The Weary Blues. He is currently working on his first verse collection.