Sunday, 15 July 2012

Sunday Supplement... and something for the weekend

I'm not sure what to say about the first poem this week: 'Standard Model Playground,' with its electrons, muons, bosons and leptons, sounded more like something Sheldon would say in The Big Bang Theory than our regular contributor Lavinia Kumar.

Then again, there's a lot I don't understand - like how we ended up, according to Philip Challinor, on 'The Road to Serfdom' with 'snooping spooks and thieving banks', or why people maintain stubborn prejudices based on other people's sexuality, as touched on by E R Olsen in 'It's My Secret.'

We were on safer, more familiar ground with Abigail Wyatt's heartwarming tribute to Eric Sykes with 'Night, night Eric.' But all is not well in England's 'little patchwork fields' according to Wendy Nicholson. Her 'Downfall of a Dairy Farmer' arrived fresh as a Daisy just as I herd (ahem!) the story on TV.

With poems not exactly flooding in, we published a poem of mine this week, 'Underwater'. I don't mean we published it underwater, although there are plenty of places still under threat as I write this. Martin and I rarely post our own poems here, and if we do, it's a sure sign that we are still a bit low on contributions.

Have a great week

Clare (and Martin)

and finally...a little something for the weekend

The Cheetahs´ Response

Don’t tell us to mate behind bars.
Captivity leaves many scars.
The urge to have offspring is none.
No fire, no passion, no fun.

You’ve got to let all of us loose.
A partner we’ll find to seduce.
Attraction is sudden, complex.
Survival depends on wild sex.

© Vala Hafstad

Date Night at the Zoo, if Rare Species Play Along