Sunday, 8 July 2012

Sunday Review

The climate has been changeable at Poetry24, this week. Newcomer, Noel Loftus, offered us the cold facts associated with the naming of fathers at birth registration in Ireland. Single Brothers tells of increased responsibilities without concomitant rights.

Inevitably, here in the UK, the rain, the relentless rain. David Subacchi's Rainfall in July is a nice observation on the effects of the wet stuff, as it pours from one summer month to another. And, of course, it's just the weather to encourage the growth of weeds. However, Kay Weeks points out that hoeing and digging isn't the only way to keep on top of the problem. New York City parks department has deployed goats to tackle invasive weeds. Yes, they're Bringing in the Hooved Pros!

Mark Kerstetter warns us of the dangers of the Riptide, with particular reference to an incident offshore, in Pass-en-Grille. Then, away from dynamic sea currents, and straight into the Doldrums. Anna reflects on the continuing possibility of Greece leaving the Eurozone.

Finally, Lavinia Kumar took us through stormy waters with A Title of Command, inspired by the case of a Roman Catholic official convicted of child endangerment, who, it has been decided, must remain behind bars until sentencing.

Each week, Clare and I end our little summary of the week with a request that you keep the poems coming in. The danger with repeating a request is that it can very soon become just a predictable string of words. For only the second time in almost 18 months, we are desperately short of material. Unlike the the rain, submissions have dried to a trickle in the past couple of weeks. Without your poems to publish, our only option will be to display the test card.

Have a great week.

Martin (and Clare)

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