Sunday, 22 July 2012

Sunday Review

There has been a definite air of tension about Poetry24 this week. Pressure on Bob Diamond, to give up £2m of his payoff to charity, prompted Philip Challinor's, The Supreme Sacrifice. And newcomer, Rose Drew, presented us with A Few Dead Republican Girls, written in light of restrictive anti-abortion laws that have curbed reproductive rights of American women in the past decade.

Maurice Devitt points to Leaves on the Track in his poem that reflects the biggest rail network investment in the UK for well over 100 years. But it's 100 days that Mohammed Morsi has given himself to bring his ‘Renaissance Project’ to fruition for the Egyptian people. Lavinia Kumar rightly asks if that's enough time in One Body, One Goal.

Our second newcomer this week, Caroline Hurley, examines How Science Rates With Poetry, and we finish in the money once again. Having started with a story about the Ex-Barclays boss, Gabrielle Bryden reminds us how Wikileaks has had success in its court battle against Visa in Iceland, over blocked donations.

Well, the sun is showing its face at last, and I'm off for a few days next week, to share some of it with my family. Do make sure that you mail your submissions to Clare and myself, to ensure that that they picked up.

I'll leave you with a tribute to Celeste Holm, who died this week.

Have a great week.

Martin (and Clare).


We honor her grace in dimming light.
Now a spangle across the celestial night.
A few more stars upon highest high.
In the glittering northern sky.

Of height, breadth, depth and width.
A limitless range where poets writ.
Upon screens and stage she takes her place.
And tonight lends heavens beauty's face.

© James Schwartz

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