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Monday, 23 July 2012

Random Acts

Spiderman and Cinderella
weave through bubbles,
wands, balloon-swords;
the street is teeming
with new romantics,
streams of pink
and purple,
blue and real
red hair.
From the lorry stage,
a band plays 'random
acts of kindness',
the mosh-pit crushed
as kids make trains
and spinning tops;
while somewhere else,
a joker waits
till everyone is seated
then pulls out
his bag of tricks.

© Afric McGlinchey

Gunman announced himself as the Joker, says eyewitness

Pucker fair: random acts of kindness prove big hit

Afric McGlinchey won the prestigious Hennessy Poetry Award (2011). Her début collection,
The lucky star of hidden things, was published in 2012 by Salmon Poetry.


  1. That festival sounds a great idea and what a contrast to that other event. You make a good point through your well-written words.

    1. Thank you. So hard to react to such an event with words. Images and juxtaposition say more, I feel.