Friday, 27 July 2012

Modern Olympic Games

100 meter dash to queue for a job
To be one of 500
Trying for 3 spots

Go for Gold
In the Look Poor Enough playoffs
To hang on to food stamps
And be able to eat

In the javelin toss
Try not to aim
At tempting political targets
You hope don’t come into range

The little people
Left to scrabble amongst ourselves
Outsides the gates of prosperity, security:
The real game is to survive.

Leap! Like superman as you pole vault
Over the trash that towns can’t afford
To pick up

Sprint for help when the lady
Who didn’t couldn’t wouldn’t don’t matter now anyhow
Doesn’t have
Fire protection sees her house catch
And nobody comes

Run that desperate mile
From the cracker with a gun
Who thinks you don’t belong
In his neighbourhood

Stand for hours and smile
And say You want Fries with that?
As you wait
For that amerikkkan dream
To be served.

© Rose Drew
House Dems fall short in blocking food stamp cuts

Rose Drew has hosted open mics for +9 years ( and co-owns small press Stairwell Books. She’s published in newspapers, books, journals, including her collection Temporary Safety (2011).