Friday, 20 July 2012

How Science Rates With Poetry

Science presents accounts versus a story
Of things observed exactly by the eye;
The truth of all, from earth’s core to the sky.
Measured to fit standards, but poetry
Blithely lifts an item from its category
To enjamb it with a fact or lie,
Fluttering gaily like a butterfly
From phantom flowers back to reality.

Just as little children have to play
To stretch their senses and their intellect,
Of how science rates with poems it’s wrong to say
They’re at cross-purposes, they don’t connect
When both their emissary’s a mockingjay
Copying, eavesdropping – and if I know, I’m fecked!

© Caroline Hurley

Science Meets Poetry at ESOF 2012

Caroline's poems have been published in e-magazine, The Electric Acorn. She recently returned to post-graduate psychology studies and has also written a novel, short stories, and both a stage and screenplay.