Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Bringing in the Hooved Pros

Topic is eliminating invasive weeds,
but what a totally cool headline,
making me think--and perhaps also you--
of other hooved pros, such as the
devil in its many guises, that troll keeping
us from crossing the bridge, and so on...

The name of this specific invasive weed (Staten Island, NYC)
makes it sound as if it's wearing a flowing
toga,  and indeed, the park's department is
going to war with those mighty "phragmites,"
and here's the news feature twist:
They're brining in 20 Anglo-Nubians--goats

With names like Mozart, Hadyn, and choke, Van Goat,
with "floppy ears and plaintive bleats," and described
as "not fearsome," as they go "munching inexorably
through the long plate leaves in this first phrase of a
wetland restoration at what will soon be Freshkills Park."
This exciting experiment that prefaces...herbicide.

You know how we go inside our heads about some news article
written with a poetic touch (and this is one) that makes
us want to go and see what we're reading and maybe pet
the sweet goats as if they are our beloved cats,
but, staying within the confines of the article--Read on!
This is slated to be "the largest more than a century."

Summing it up, Eloise L. Hirsh, park administrator says
about the situation: "The sanitation department mows us once a year,
but this is 2,200 acres. We need help."  Bring on the goats
to be used in "vegetation management." And, oh my god!
In this new spiritually-coated age, the goat mowing, a "laboratory
for green practices" is hoped to turn degradation into "ecological redemption."

© Kay Weeks

To Tackle an Invasive Weed, Bringing In the Hooved Pros

Kay Weeks. Ellicott City, MD. Worked in national historic preservation for 30 years, Dep’t of Interior, National Park Service, in the policy-setting Wash. DC home office.