Tuesday, 17 July 2012

A Few Dead Republican Girls

That’s what it’ll come to,
after Roe v Wade is overturned completely:
a few botched abortions
a few dead daughters   (the more beautiful the better);
golden children of rich Republicans
undone by their parents plans.

But not toooo rich,
a platinum card buys a lot of doctoring;
a private jet can fly someone anywhere—
to France, say, where Gramma goes
for Alzheimer's stem cell therapy,
or Switzerland, where the Old Man himself
is said to travel for Parkinson's.

Just rich enough;
just loved enough,
a female Isaac whose Abraham dad becomes appalled,
stricken by grief,

Already, multiple States have multiple laws
outlawing choice,
stayed only by reluctant Federal hands:

hands now untied, fists curled
to demand Obedience,
slamming blows on shameless sluts across the world,
to send them, weeping,
into the compassionate arms of their Savior…..
…….Well, that’s the plan. 

Like bowls of colorful condoms now removed from college halls
so sexed up kids can just shower in cold water
and tough it out, dammit;

like scrips for The Pill unfilled
by ethically compromised pharmacists
who shouldn’t bring Religion to work in their lunchpail;

like Pledges and Promises of Chastity
sworn before dad in the livingroom
yet forgotten by the bike shed;

like all plans to legislate human sexuality,
and yet forget that humans are involved—

this plan will ultimately fail,
fall victim to too many victims,
an overturn doomed to being overturned.

And except for those unfortunate daughters,
who find themselves in bad circumstance,
with no medical help,
no legal recourse,

in a decade or two of the dying
things will go back to what they were.

All it takes are a few
Republican girls:

woe be to them.

© Rose Drew
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Rose Drew has hosted open mics for +9 years (www.yorkspokenword.org.uk) and co-owns small press Stairwell Books. She’s published in newspapers, books, journals, including her collection Temporary Safety (2011).