Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Two Pillars

The Church and State sat down to tea
to talk about the mess we’re in:
the State called for austerity;
the Church said, ‘There is too much sin.’
‘It has to stop,’ the Bishop frowned,’
‘let’s take our model from the Crown.’

The State said, ‘That’s a fine idea
but can the Royals help us here?’

The Bishop, startled, looked askance:
‘It’s true they’ve led us quite a dance;
but now they’ve settled down a lot,
and Will, perhaps, will stop the rot.’

The State said, ‘Let us have a shot.’

‘Leave things to you?’ the Bishop huffed.
‘It seems to us you’ve done enough.
Those ‘market forces’ you set free
have brought an inequality
the like of which we haven’t  known
since Albert Edward took the throne .’

‘Now wait a minute’, growled the State.
‘We’d like to get a few things straight.’

The Bishop, though, would not desist.
‘The danger’s real - and here’s the gist.
Our youth is fuelled by drugs and booze,
without a job, not much to lose.
The facts are these. (I must be clear.)
There’s scope for civil violence here.’

The State said,’ Ah, I take your point.
It’s true the times are out of joint.
But, really what are we to do?
Morality is down to you.’

‘Exactly so,’ the Church agreed,
‘but ours is not a feckless creed;
so, at this time of Jubilee,
let’s hear it for the Monarchy;
and let us live within our means
and not like bankers, kings and queens.

© Abigail Wyatt

Brits obsessed with sex and divorce - bishop

Abigail is one of the three founding members of the Red River Poets. The latter will be appearing at the Heartlands Project in Cornwall, 29th September, as part of 100 Thousand Poets for Change.