Tuesday, 26 June 2012

To the Weather Gods

Now I know in days gone by there were festivals of pop
Mainly one on th' Isle o Wight three days music non stop
Then Reading came, and followed by Leeds.
The point is you God's of precipitation, you knew
That a drop or two would not dampen our enthusiasm
Or stop our earthly din
Nor did you stop raining on our parade of  intense music
Or should that be in tents (lol)
But as we increased the number of our music fests
Leaving not one weekend really free from play
We did not expect you to do the same with rain.
You jest with our politicians too when they
Appoint a minister for drought or
Locally proclaim a hosepipe ban
Are you havin a larf!
Can we agree to reduce our festivals
Close Wimbledon, stop harvests,
And dare we say postpone Olympic feats.
I think not. We are at your mercy
You Cumulo, you Nimbus, Pack it in
Or we'll start burning that black stuff and then
You see how hot and acidic our anger burns!

© Mike Richardson

Rain causes gridlock at Isle of Wight festival

Mike lived in Pembrokeshire. After University in West Wales, he left for City Life. He still hankers after the country that has inspired his writing.