Tuesday, 5 June 2012

The Transit of Venus

Picture: Jan Herold
bright beautiful Phosphorus

you rise before us
pass across the face
of the burning Sun

how far is the Sun?
Cook's question when he set sail
to Tahiti to glimpse your shift

in the thick breath of caustic cloud
too like the burnt coal drape
we immodestly too must cast off

beautiful Venus at arm's length
through the tiniest hole
we admire but in our vanity

marvel as we check the time
text friends on the other side
of the world measure the delay

with a tilt of our head
how far have we come?
how far have we left to go?

and as I settle into mortal slumber
I hope we're here when
you pass this way again

dim beautiful Hesperus

©  D. Brian Craig

The transit of science
Transit of Venus: 11.04pm on Tuesday, 5 June

D. Brian Craig is a native of Michigan, does research at Children's Hospital of Michigan, and is studying for his MFA in creative writing at Goddard College, Vermont.