Saturday, 9 June 2012

The Poet Came Down From the Mountain

The poet came down from the mountain
And took to the road
He peddled his wares from town to town
Just like the bards of old

'I’m short of a few bob,' he said
'And must return to my work station
My nest egg has been raided
While I was deep in contemplation.'

He was deep in contemplation
When the call came from the bank:
'You should know, your funds are low
There’s no surplus in the tank.'

The one he charged with his affairs
Had gone and let him down
And now he must return
To the commercial side of town

And so he gathered round him
Friends that he had known
To provide such sweet music
As would enhance his work in poem

The gigs were organised
The settings chosen wise
The venues were selected
According to their size

The risks were great
The rewards unsure
But hope was strong
And the faith was pure

'We’ll start off small
Build as we go
If the fans don’t want us
They’ll let us know

They’ll let us know
By staying away
Times are getting tough
They may not want to pay.'

But they toured the world and found
People still the same
They knew his songs, they sang along
They helped to spread his fame

From far and wide they came
To hear the poet lay down beats
His vocals were hypnotic
And the music was a treat.

The poet came down from the mountain
And took to the road
He delighted all his fans
And had his wealth restored.

© Thomas Martin

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THOMAS lives in Dublin. His prose works have been featured in Piranha, Figments, The Evening Press and The Weary Blues. He is currently working on his first verse collection.