Friday, 8 June 2012

The Antiquated Man?

Your nihilistic vision of the future ,
a bitter contrast to the fantasy-happy
endings of quest-based  epics,
shaped my teenage years
creating a techno-fear
which stayed with me into the
next century.

Your future is now my reality;
I wonder how you felt at 91
Watching passersby plugged
into tiny escapist devices:
extras in a super-real movie.

Paper spontaneously combusts
at 451 degrees Fahrenheit.
You fought the invasion of ebooks,
resisted the techno-takeover
of paper substitutes that
“smell like burnt fuel”.

I believe;
I have to believe, that
one day we will realise that this is
disconnection, not connection;
pyromania will take hold
and maybe
in the silicon ashes of the bonfire of techno-nightmare
an egg, black with the idea-ink of centuries
will slowly crack
releasing a silver-tongued,
platinum-tongued phoenix.

© Jo Yeates

Ray Bradbury dies aged 91

Jo teaches languages in Cornwall. She reads voraciously but has never written for public consumption before, unless you include school reports.