Sunday, 10 June 2012

Sunday Review

Poetry24 Review

After a particularly cold and wet jubilee weekend, we especially enjoyed Marcus Colquhoun's 'It's not much fun being Queen' with its inventive rhymes (silver platters/ regattas) and the way it morphed into a surreal list of what he'd do 'if I were queen' ...though it hasn't been the weather for nudity... and those poor corgis!

We spent much of the week asking, as Michigan poet D. Brian Craig did: How far have we come? in his poem 'The Transit of Venus'... you won't be able to write a topical poem about this until again the year 2117 so we were very glad that he did.

How far have we come? Not very, says Deidre Cartmill, bringing us back to earth with a bump with her  bleak reminder that children are still starving, 'gaunt eyed'. Not exactly 'The Ideal Preparation For Life'. Not very, agrees  Mike Peterson with  'Gun', with the trial of Anders Breivik focussing this week on how the killer enjoyed 'World of Warcraft'.

'The Antiquated Man?' was a fine poem by Cornish poet Jo Yeates, musing what author Ray Bradbury (who died last week) felt about seeing how close we are to seeing his nightmares realised. And talking of antiquated men, our final offering was about Leonard Cohen, who is still very much with us and has come back to gigging in 'The Poet Came Down From the Mountain' by Thomas Martin.

Once more, it's been great to welcome some new poets to the Poetry24. Do spread the word about the site to other poets and poetry-fanciers that you know... and follow us on Facebook or Twitter for news about our poets and poetry in general... Martin shares some fascinating poetry news there!

Finally I just wanted to mention Duotrope. Register free for this seachable database of markets for poetry and fiction and you can keep track of your submissions, save favourites and find out all you need to know about where to send your poems. We're on it of course!

And we'll be here all week!  Have a good one!

Clare (& Martin)