Sunday, 24 June 2012

Sunday Review

If you're looking for other great sites that cover poetry, fiction and the writing life, check out the Third Sunday Blog Carnival. They kindly gave us a mention last week and there's plenty of great recommendations of other sites to visit for your literary needs.

This week was quite esoteric for Poetry24. Perhaps it was the slow news week that had our contributors leaning toward the ephemeral?

Or maybe, like Lavinia Kumar in Two Thousand and Twelve, they felt gagged by the establishment? Australian Poet, Stafford Ray, mused in Scott’s Antarctic Expedition Learns from Nature about the behavioural rules the establishment imposes on the world, even to the point of being shocked by penguins with 'no morals'!

Or maybe we need some kind of message from 'above' - and we had a fine one from John Saunders. His angel Messenger is at the end of a mobile phone.

Or maybe it's just a funny time of year? David J Costello imagines a world turning like Clockwork, where the sun 'unclicked a Neolithic lock / Tripping its working' and the twin seasons 'dint and dunt against you / Like a wasp / At a window / Dancing with itself.'

Still on the subject of time, Abigail Wyatt cautions against turning the clocks back to the long gone O-levels and CSEs of the past. She's not alone in thinking it would be A Horrific Mistake. 

We rounded out the week with a poem by newcomer, AiJ. G v G recognises the parallels in financial, and footballing Euro crises between Greece and Germany.

I'll leave you with a short piece by Marcus Colquhoun.

Have a good week.

Martin (and Clare).

Julian Assange seeks asylum

I've just been searching wiki leaks
For news about the plight of Greece
Finding nothing at the time
I sought instead some clever rhyme or or stanza
About the plight of Abu Hamza
And if the government's still thwarted
Getting him to be deported
Sticking with asylum seekers
I hash tagged recent poems by tweeters
If there is any way to veto
Assange's plot to flee to Quito

© Marcus Colquhoun

Wikileaks' Julian Assange seeks asylum in Ecuador embassy

Marcus Colquhoun writes poetry, is a member of the Ward9Writers group (Co.Mayo, Ireland) and intends to become a regular contributor.