Sunday, 17 June 2012

Sunday Review


Are you, like one contributor this week, worried our editorial process may delay publication?  It's true that sometimes a poem passes its sell-by date while it's in our 'possibles' pile, but in the last year we published:
  • 31 of your poems on the day you sent them
  • more than 90 the day after submission 
  • another 90 within two days of submission
We don't publish poems in the order they arrive, but aim to publish the best and most topical we have on the day.  Of course there are peaks and troughs in submissions, and some can wait when others can't.

Our advice is: send us your poems - sometimes we will publish straight away. We'd love to have the chance to consider your work - and if you feel the moment is slipping by, just let us know if you're going to publish them elsewhere!


Poetry was front page news in the UK recently. When the Minister for Education Michael Gove said children should start learning poetry at the age of five. Peter Flint waxes lyrical on the subject in Education Goves From Bard to Verse  which includes some very funny references to poems of old: You will repeat a Noddy, see!

So, keeping in the spirit:

If you can keep your head when those about ya
Are losing their place in the Euro Cup
And wake in Europe, the Morning After
Like Maurice Devitt, without giving up.
If you can wait and not cause too much bother
Before the camera that never lies,
Held in the spooky arms of Ghostly Mother
Helena Nolan shows us from two eyes.

If you meet Church and State like Abi Wyatt
And treat those Two Pillars mostly the same;
If, like Lavinia K, you can't keep quiet
On Squid who have the nerve to cause you pain.
If you can Flood the unforgiving rivers
Of Wales, like David Subacchi's done (sorta)
Yours is Poetry24, and everything that's in it,
 And - which is more - you'll be a Poet, my son (/daughter)!

Have a great week

Clare (& Martin)