Sunday, 1 July 2012

Sunday Review

Lavinia Kumar has become a regular commentator on matters of the Arab Spring, through her poetry. Not surprising then, in a week when Tahir Square witnessed jubilant scenes following Mohammed Mursi’s presidential election win, New/Old Egypt found its way to our pages.

Mike Richardson pointed To the Weather Gods, after the deluge experienced across the UK. As we cruise into the music festival season, the reaction from many who had tickets for the Isle of Wight event proved that the preferred option of mud and music really is an urban myth.

In mid-week, we had a Higgs Moment, courtesy of L S Bassen. Have Physicists really detected what has continued to elude scientists for 40 years? And, while we’re seeking long overdue answers to historical riddles, the UK coalition has endorsed a revised bill for further reformation of the House of Lords. The perfect moment for Philip Challinor to pen his Fiddlers Three.

Meanwhile, In the Zoo, was Vala Hafstad’s take on the rhesus monkeys who have taken to mugging on the streets of Dehli.

Continuing in a zoological vein, Fly Fishing, by John Goss, informs us of how surveillance vehicles are being aerodynamically engineered in the form of insects, so they blend perfectly into their surroundings. My advice? Invest in a fly-swat.

Have a good week, and remember to keep those poems coming in.

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