Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Scott’s Antarctic Expedition Learns from nature

In far away Antarctica
George Levick wrote in Greek
“Male penguins there are hooligans
No morals, so to speak”.

“They go around that frozen waste,
Those base bi-sexual lads,
And stick it into anything!
Alive or dead, the cads!”

And so Scott’s men decided they
Would stay until next season
To give them time to teach those penguins
Moral sense and reason.

Alas, a hundred years has passed
And none has been converted
In fact it seems, the men who stayed
Became themselves ‘perverted’.

For look around and you will see
Behaviour that they learned
Has now become so commonplace
It is no longer spurned.

Homosexuals walking free-
Being gay’s an institution,
And penguins of Antarctica
Are safe from retribution.

© Stafford Ray

Author's note: The story of Levick’s sensitivities seemed to fit the general theme of natural acts being judged by those who behave in ways that are different from theirs, but make it their business to punish those who are different.

Gay, straight or necrophiliac, a penguin isn't a human being

Stafford is the writer of musical plays and reading resources for schools. Wannbe novelist, one completed, two more on the way. Poetry happens when moved, limericks when amused (interchangeable).