Monday, 11 June 2012


Leri, Ceulan,
Ystwyth, Rheidol
Names of rivers
From a Welsh youth
Always present
Flowing quietly
Under bridges
Beside the roads
Around villages
Watering fields
Until reaching
An unconcerned
But grumbling sea

Peaceful waters
Haunt of salmon
Trout and sewin
Crossed by bridges
Kept in check by
Damns and culverts
Almost ignored
Rarely taken
Until today
Provoked by rain
Crushed by high tide

High with anger
Patience snapping
Swollen torrents
Bursting barriers
Flooding places
Where no building
Should ever stand
Wreaking havoc
Against a tide
Of oppression
Rising as only
Welsh rivers can.

© David Subacchi

Wales flooding: Victims hoping for return to homes

David Subacchi’s first English language collection ‘First Cut’ was published by Cestrian Press last month. He is a regular contributor to ‘Poetry 24’.