Monday, 28 May 2012

Vox Populi

Stuff the Olympics,
and screw the Jubilee.
Up yours with the hype;
it means nothing to me.
I aint got no money,
no job, and no home;
since the wife took the kids
I’ve been living alone.
She’ll take me to the cleaners;
at least, that’s what she said.
It seems to me that Cameron
is stuck inside her head.
No pity, no mercy, no feeling at all;
where greed rules ok,
it’s the weak to the wall.

So who cares where the torch is,
or who won the cup?
I’ll be out on the streets soon
if things don’t look up;
and the plain fact is that none of you
gives diddley-squat for me;
but, one day, we will change
all that and stuff austerity.
We’ll remember where we came from,
how we marched, and how we won
before New Labour sold us out
and all our dreams were done.
When that day comes,
what a party we’ll have;
every street in the land will be free;
and people like you will be shafted
by ‘orrible oiks like me.
So screw your Olympics,
and stuff your Jubilee.

© Abigail Wyatt and David Rowland

Olympic torch: Huge crowds turn out to cheer flame

David Rowland is a former psychiatric nurse and Abigail Wyatt is a former teacher. Everything they believe in is under threat but they go on protesting anyway.