Saturday, 12 May 2012


Tom Daley’s nicked my parking space.
I watched him from my room.
“Show us your permit!” I wanted to shout,
but didn’t.
Tom-tied, I gawped as he steeled himself,
blocking out the rat-run traffic, stacking up behind him.
Breathed in, out, focussed.
Lifted his arms to grasp the gear stick.
The Mini wheels tumbled backwards, two and half times – maybe three –
I’m not sure, it was so quick.
Target tarmac hit, but deftly missing the curb.
Not a ripple in the puddle as he tightly executed
the perfect parallel park.
Got out of the mini,
smiled, strode off.
What a driver.

© Jane Slavin

Daley wants to be GB super hero

Jane Slavin lives in Plymouth and Tom does actually park on her street, when he’s not off winning medals.