Monday, 14 May 2012

The Real Speech

How have we landed, in this situation?
I’m talking about, the state of our nation.
What seems to matter is, profit and greed.
Morals and honour, have all, gone to seed.
V.A.T up on the Champagne and Gin
They tell you what rubbish to put in which bin
But always remember, we are the chaps,
Who outwitted the Germans and thwarted the Japs.
People forget this, now nobody cares.
Most of The Government are now millionaires
Even my ‘old man’ he sleeps all the time,
If you turn on the Tele, it’ Soaps, Sport or crime
The Common Market, it’s still them and us
You never get offered a seat on the bus.
The churches are closing nobody prays.
All people want are cheap holidays.
Packed in like cattle on rusty old planes.
Sometimes I wonder, what’s wrong with their brains.
Look at the footballers, Spanish and Polish
If you fancy a drink, your Pub’s been demolished
The Euro is sinking, The Pound doesn’t float
If We weren’t the Queen, We’d be on the next boat.

© Ralph Killey

Queen's Speech: Where are the big ideas to save Britain?

Ralph Killey worked on the Liverpool Echo for thirty years and became part owner of World Group Newspapers, Lancashire. He has a collection entitled: 'When there's Notin' on the Tele'.