Saturday, 26 May 2012

The Real Meeting on the Turret Stairs

Frederic William Burton's
Hellelil and Hildebrand,
the Meeting on the Turret Stairs

Everyone thinks that this is our goodbye
That, after this, we never meet again
Only we know that this is how we met, this
The first touch you ventured on my sleeve.
Why don’t they realise that when you left
For the last time, your future a sea of blood
You would have kissed me fully on the mouth
And met my eyes directly with your own?

How can they think that this kiss is the last
Shielded from skin by folds of cloth and mail?
How can a kiss like this translate the love
That tore me from my family and home?
Our lost embrace was so much more than this -
The branding of the blood in every kiss.

©  Helena Nolan

Romantic scene voted Ireland's favourite painting

Helena's work has appeared in anthologies and literary magazines including; The Stinging Fly, The Moth, and the Spoken Ink audio website. She is the 2011 winner of the Patrick Kavanagh Award.