Wednesday, 30 May 2012

The Last Waltz

There was always something
Addictive about you
Despite the dark suits
The big bow tie
The slightly uncool image
“Please release me”
We chorused tipsily
Staggering home
From underage nights
In discotheques and bars
Defiant at the rejection
Of haughty heartthrobs
In miniskirts wearing flesh
Coloured lipstick
“Every day I wake up
Then I start to break up”
Lifted by your emotion
Annoying the hell
Out of the neighbours

Later on your star faded
Outshone by Mohican punks
Dance, techno, indie, garage
And every other fad around
Till they brought you back
To reprise your talents
In the Eurovision circus
But too good to be a clown
You did your best
And although you didn’t win
You were just unlucky
It’s the effort that counts
Because for me you’re still great
And I’m still trying
To get my timing right
So I ask that girl for a dance
Just as you start to sing
The Last Waltz.

© David Subacchi

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David Subacchi’s first English language collection ‘First Cut’ was published by Cestrian Press last month. He is a regular contributor to ‘Poetry 24’.