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Friday, 4 May 2012

Swan Song

The trial is beginning;
I’m ready in defense.
The outlook is alarming;
I’m feeling rather tense.
I know I killed a person
Who trespassed to my land.
This didn’t have to happen,
But things got out of hand.
I do admit I’m sorry,
Although I had the right
To guard against invaders
Of my home, both day and night.
The victim ruffled feathers,
And I became upset.
His presence seemed to tell me
He posed a real threat.
No wonder I am shaking;
I am a nervous wreck,
For if they find me guilty,
They’ll hang me by the neck.
It’s early in the morning.
The judge conceals a yawn,
“State your name,” he’s roaring.
I answer, “It is Swan.”

© Vala Hafstad

Man Drowns in Swan Attack

Vala Hafstad lives in Minnesota. She writes humorous poems for children and, occasionally, their parents.

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