Sunday, 27 May 2012

Sunday Supplement

Our Review of the week
Headlines: Tim Waldron's Houla
News Review: Mike Richardson's 'Random Nursery Rhyme News'
Celebrity Life: Craig Guthrie's 'Colleen'

What happened? Some kind of poetry eclipse on May 22nd  provoked 7 poets to send us poems in one hour (normally we only get 2 or 3 a day)! So here's a special Sunday Supplements with 3 extra poems.


This week we had poets putting themselves in someone else's shoes: Helena Nolan speaking as Hildebrand to set the record straight about The Real Meeting on the Turret Stairs, Philip Challinor  Just Trying to Help by putting himself in David Cameron's shoes or, more uncomfortably, Lavinia Kumar's visceral Immolation from the point of view of desperate Tibetans. Kay Weeks' teasing, unrequited Joe Biden on LOVEwas yet another authentic-sounding voice.

But our own shoes can be uncomfortable too. We also heard what felt like very personal responses to recent news: David Subacchi's memories of a recent trip to Modena adding a unique perspective to the earthquake there, and particularly E R Olsen grappling with memories reawakened by the funeral of the bomber in Lockerbie at 23: the furrow in ancient ground, a ripple in my brainy surface, a wound...opened from underneath after years.


Blood pours in Houla,
mourning echos on arid lands,
innocent lives gone.

© Tim Waldron

Syria crisis: Houla child massacre confirmed by UN

Tim teaches English at a secondary school in West Lancashire.

Random Nursery News Rhymes

Humpy dumpy sat on a wall
Singing a song on behalf of us all
All the attention was on the Queens men
Trying to rubbish the Euro again

Georgy Porgy opened his box
Heard IMF head was wearing a frock
Thought that meant that he needn’t take heed
Any advice to roll out plan B

Little Theresa in front of Blue geezers
Said put these delinquents away
When off duty coppers, tried so hard to stop her
She crimbo’d them all away

Wee Little Sebbie ran through the town
Up streets and down roads, torch lit and found
Thousands were willing to run with his flame
Then sell it on Ebay the very next day.

Little Rebekah has lost all her sleep
Didn’t know how bad times could find them
Her cell phone would ring
Comforting text things
From David with Lol stuck behind them

© Mike Richardson

Mike lived in Pembrokeshire and still hankers after the country that has inspired his writing.


I like Colleen in her blue bikini,
And she’d like me in my stripy beanie,
As long as we could keep our mouths shut tight,
We’d dance in Andalucia on Saturday night,
All would be bliss until the next day,
When I would demean her verbally in the most horrible way,
She’d throw a plate, I would duck,
We’d laugh, make up,
And go back to discussing Sartre on the lawn.

©  Craig Guthrie

Get a room! Coleen and Wayne Rooney get hot and heavy with some pool PDA in Vegas

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