Sunday, 6 May 2012

Sunday Review

I've been mostly absent this week due to work commitments, so many thanks to Martin for keeping everything going... and what a week I've missed!

We began with two fox tails - Jane Slavin and Abigail Wyatt taking very different slants on recent fox sightings in the news in the UK recently... I saw one foxtrotting down a suburban street in broad daylight last week, though I don't think he had an iPhone! Swan's were in the dock, too, in Vala Hafstad's Swan Song.

Heroes and villains featured in other poems this week: one of each from Africa. John Goss with his controversial First among equals on the trial of Sierra Leone's Charles Taylor, and Lavinia Kumar singing the praises of Kenyan environmental activist, Ikal Angelei, in Lake Turkana.

Yesterday's poem The Panacea from new contributor Sutanuka Banerjee flagged up the plight of street children. Using dream-like images: 'The boy bags a foamy mass of buttermilk sky' and the simple sentence structure of a child's reading book the poem cleverly captures the innocence and magic of childhood.

In troubled times, where you can't tell men from animals, where basic rights must be fought for and children must fend for themselves, it's tempting to yearn for another kind of world. That's exactly where Helena Nolan took us with the stunning Leaving for Gliese - a multi-layered poem which many of you responded to. Which of doesn't sometimes wish to find our skin blooming again in [the] ambient glow of another body whilst still feeling the gravitational tug of the familiar?

Let's hope Poetry24 continues to exert its gravitational pull on fine poets like these.

Have a great week!

Clare (& Martin)