Sunday, 13 May 2012

Sunday Review

It's rare for Poetry24 to publish two poems by the same author, in the same week, but there are occasions when the exception, rather than the rule, takes precedence.

On Monday, Abigail Wyatt was Holding Out for a Hero, as expectations were raised about the extent of Boris Johnson's political ambitions, in the wake of his mayoral election success. Fast forward to Thursday, and Abigail offered us her powerful, They Call It 'Grooming', after the conviction of nine men who ran a child exploitation ring in Rochdale. The poem carries a personal message from Abigail, "…that people should understand that it is not only the educationally disadvantaged and the 'vulnerable' who are the victims of abuse."

Perhaps Val Hafstad, demonstrated how a punishment doesn't always appear to fit the crime. Grand Canyon was prompted by the story of a Norwegian man who received a jail sentence for running over a woman's toe.

This was also a week when we published A Very British Victory, by Philip Challinor, following the revelations that the Ministry of Defence has let a US company undertake a potentially lucrative excavation of a British 18th-century warship. And the MOD doesn't only have problems with marine activities. Peter Flint treated us to Olympic Ring-a-Roses, inspired by the MOD proposal to station surface-to-air missiles on the rooftops of flats, close to the Olympic site.

Still with the impending Olympics in mind, Jane Slavin's, Tom, rounded out the week.

Who knows what will catch your eye in the news, this week? Whatever it happens to be, write a poem about it and send it to us.

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