Sunday, 20 May 2012

Sunday Review

We've had the worries of the world on our shoulders here on Poetry24 this week from a range of different voices. In the UK, where even the Police Protest (from David Subacchi ), we started out with Ralph Killey's The Real Speech in which the British monarch whimsically bemoans not being offered a seat on the bus... out of here!

But other countries have their problems too. Lavinia Kumar sees as An East Wind blowing across Europe and Sutanuka Banerjee's Dream Broker exposes the exploitation of newcomers in Bollywood by lascivious executives. Meanwhile, over in the USA, the death penalty comes under sad scrutiny from Abigail Wyatt in A Long Time Coming.

It would be nice to think that all of this was just a bad dream. In yesterday's disturbing Children Who Died in a Fire by Michael Holloway, a recent suburban tragedy was portrayed in a dreamlike way which both harrowed and consoled.

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Have a great week!

Clare (& Martin)