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Thursday, 17 May 2012

Police Protest

I'm on a march in London
With Sarge and Bill and Mary
Thousands of other coppers
We must look pretty scary
Not on strike we're all on leave
Here in our own time
To protest about police cuts
Putting safety on the line
Fooling with our pensions
And pretending things are fine

We walk along the Embankment
Say hello to old Big Ben
Pass the Houses of Parliament
Wave at Number Ten
From Whitehall to Trafalgar Square
They all know we're in town
And up on his lofty pillar
Winking with his one good eye
Even Nelson looks down proudly
As the boys in blue go by!

© David Subacchi

Marchers police themselves as protest calls for role reversal

David Subacchi’s first English language collection ‘First Cut’ was published by Cestrian Press last month. He is a regular contributor to ‘Poetry 24’.


  1. under cover of silence,
    Theresa slips away

    swagbag full of savings

    the contracts to care


    the nasty party speach
    all torn up


    a shower of

    worth of election promises

    the fault of Levison


    the fault of anyone


    save king canute cameron
    "midas" nick clegg

    madhouse (ha ha)!!

  2. Sounds like a poem to me!

  3. To whoever posted the poem in the first comment - why not send us your work through the submission process ?