Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Olympic Ring-a-Roses

Fight or flight reaction
We all know what it means
Nor do you need to be a genius
To know it's in our genes
No fangs or claws or poison-stings
We were set up to be beaten
We had to think of other ways
To eat and not be eaten
So we started throwing stuff
Like pointed sticks and stones
Running fast and jumping things
Until such skills were in our bones...
Ancestor sat in his mud hut
Or perhaps a cosy cave
With his prehistoric remote-control
Watching episodes of 'Dave'
Mrs Ancestor looked scornful
As she surveyed her mate,
"Since you discovered seeds and ploughing
You've been piling on the weight...
You need to get some exercise!"
He sighed, "Perhaps I ought..."
Hence the: running...jumping...throwing things
Developed into sport
Thus, chasing food or self-defence
The most primeval of Man's aims
Spawned a commercially-sponsored circus
That's called...'The Olympic Games'!
We've still got: running...jumping...throwing things
To boost each nation's pride
But behind the medals, flags and torches
There is a darker side...
Masked cops with machine-guns
T.V. appeals for blood
Wall-to-wall surveillance
To nip trouble in the bud
Gunboats on the River Thames
Aircraft in the sky
Snipers...hi-tech missiles
On roof-tops way up high...
Like Olympic Rings we've come round
Showing we have learned to fight
If passport checks at airports weren't so long
I think I'd prefer the flight!

© Peter Flint

The high-rise homes turned into Olympics missile base

Peter is 77, belongs to Rossington Writers' Group, Doncaster, and writes short stories and poems  for his grandchildren. He taught for forty years...mainly English.