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Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Just Trying to Help

The euro-thingy's full of fear and yelping;
It's time to let our British spirit rip.
I'm sure they'd like a bit of expert helping
Now we've achieved our little double-dip.

These Frogs and Huns, they think they are so mighty,
And yet they cannot solve this simple thing!
They ought to do what we have done in Blighty,
And let their rich folk have a bit more bling.

The Greeks are having trouble with their workers:
Treat proles too well, and soon the business sours.
They need to get to grips with all their shirkers,
And give them more of what I'm giving ours.

I'll tell them all to pull themselves together
And show a bit of character and force.
If Britain suffers, George can blame the weather,
But foreigners do not have such recourse.

I only want to help the wogs do better;
But they seem not to wish to listen more.
Their dreadful history is such a fetter!
They need reminding just who won the war.

© Philip Challinor

David Cameron criticised for delivering 'irritating' lectures to eurozone leaders

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  1. As usual, I love your wit. I'm half a world away but I still enjoyed the satire. The Greek situation certainly lends itself to it! You'd have a field-day with the mess Australian politics is in at the moment!

  2. Thanks. I'm sure Dave would be happy to offer friendly advice to Australia too, once somebody's told him where it is and broken the news that it's no longer a British super-jail.