Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Joe Biden on LOVE

How many times have I said just that?
Forget I said this; disregard; delete!

You know, trying to squirm and squiggle
out of my (what?) last mask and pose

When what I would love to do
is touch your's not it...

When Joe Biden said we should
be living with the one we love...

and I literally sucked in my breath
because I'm not but said, JOE, you are right
to the evening news, alone with cats,
not to get into the political marriage issue...

So, here it is, straight from my semi-crooked

It scares me to ask you to marry me

when you are Jewish and years younger
and already living with someone...

So, driving home from Rehoboth,
I thought I'd pose it this way and
just laughed and laughed out loud
for miles...what a fool...

The script was this:

OK! We'll have a pre-nup:
No sex, no salt
and no f___king profanity!

Of course, I probably won't tell you
because you'll laugh that laugh
that draws me in to such an extent

that I have to shut the door on feeling
and just stroke my cat.

© Kay Weeks

Biden on Gay Marriage: ‘Who Do You Love?’

Kay Weeks. Ellicott City, MD. Worked in national historic preservation for 30 years, Dep’t of Interior, National Park Service, in the policy-setting Wash. DC home office.