Friday, 11 May 2012

Grand Canyon

I took a wrong turn in Arizona –
Drove a rental car into a one-way street.
A crowd of people,
Gathered for a music festival,
Rushed against me.
In their eyes, I was a monster
Swimming against the tide.
Waves of anger swept over the car,
A fist charged through the open window,
Shattering my nose,
Sending a gush of blood down my face.
All I wanted was to escape
This surge of madness and hysteria.
Terrified, I steered the car through.
Then I stopped, gasping for air.
The nightmare continued
With a Kafkaesque plot:
Five armed policemen surrounded me, shouting.
They found me guilty of aggravated assault
With the use of a deadly weapon.
(That’s what they call a rental car.)
I’m shackled, in solitary confinement,
Falling ever deeper into a grand canyon of despair.
It’s been seven months.
They call me “the failed mass murderer,”
Who killed no one, but broke a woman’s toe.
I’ve been sentenced to seven years in prison,
A foreigner, visiting Arizona,
Enjoying the scenery,
Until my life took a wrong turn.

© Vala Hafstad

Norwegian man gets 7.5 years for running over woman's toe

Vala lives in Minnesota.  Most of the time, she writes humorous poems for children as well as adults.