Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Dream Broker

Limping she walks
Blood on the couch grass
Tiger yawns with red teeth
Spider spins web.
Paws pounce on the body
Shaking shadows flicker in TV
Scotch-filled glasses
Relish the notched flesh
Weigh the bones
Ruptured rapture.
Ruby on her lips
Black veins under cloth.
Vase-shaped figures leaning with stilettos
Moistened and glistened
Coiling up the corridor.
Viewers, touts, directors
Stare at hips
Size the breasts
With tobacco teeth
Casting gaze.
Conspiring silhouette
Serpentine dance
Inebriated muse
Gluttonous glamour
Popular culture.

© Sutanuka Banerjee

Casting couch grabs bigger role in television world

Sutanuka is a researcher in the University of Malaga, Spain as an Erasmus Mundus student. She tries to pick up pebbles from the path of life and treasure them as the new chapters of experience.