Saturday, 19 May 2012

Children Who Died in a Fire

Which children echoing their thoughts?
I thought it was over.
Each one, as myself, a little younger,
Pretends to be an aeroplane.
Do you like to wear Spiderman shoes?
He asks.

I am asleep now. Perfect as death.
Rest easy, little glow on the shore.
Slowly in the evening, same place as before,
My shadow shrinks. The sand is gold.
The sun is just fire, I think.
Who are the children who once was me?

I think I smell petrol. On your hands.
Is there Heaven? she asks.
Of course there is, I say.
I pretend to be God,
Standing in the middle of the ocean.
Each one, as myself, a little younger.

© Michael Holloway

Derby fire deaths: Neighbours to form human chain

Michael Holloway was born in Liverpool in 1985. He studied English Literature and Creative Writing at UCLan and is currently studying a Masters in Writing at LJMU.