Tuesday, 8 May 2012

A Very British Victory

Your Evil Multiculturist
Has No Regard for English Hist,
And would do Much, without a Qualm,
To Cause True Englishmen Alarm.
Our great Cathedrals he would See
Bound over in Muslimity;
Our Palaces and Stately Piles
Would not Escape their Horrid Trials,
For Certainly the Boor and Cad
Would Never Rest until he Had
These Vessels of our Nation's Soul
Broke Up to House the Idling Prole.

The Noble Instruments of War
Which so long Held our British Shore
Against the Integrating Foe,
Into the Dustbin He would Throw;
And Spare no Effort and no Means
To Make us Merely Europeans.
But We, with Britishness in Force,
Will Halt the Nation's Fatal Course.
Our Government will have No Truck
With any Fancy Foreign Muck.
We'll Steer us to a Future Bright -
The Nineteen-Thirties seem Just Right.

A charming Private Company
Has gone Beneath the Channel Sea
To Excavate a Wreck whose Hold
May just Contain a Bit of Gold.
Our Noble British Bottom Line
Proclaims that Profiteering's Fine,
And Nothing may be Let to Trash
The Turning of some Rapid Cash.
They've Graciously Agreed to Sell
Some Cannon Back to us, as well;
So why not Let them Asset-Strip
Some Mouldy Bits of Sunken Ship?

© Philip Challinor

Archaeologists accuse MoD of allowing US company to 'plunder' shipwreck

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