Thursday, 26 April 2012

The Pilate State

In the shadow of a woman
he aches to emulate,
to bask in her dull glory he
revives the Pilate State.

Her baleful influence persists,
unstressed but not laid low,
privileged power wash their hands
of those they cannot know.

Compassion in a rictus mask
to fool the poor and frail,
behind the new facade of care
old certainties prevail:

"Deserving poor do not exist.
Preserve the class divide.
Protect those who don't need the help.
Cast those who do aside."

The gambler's purse was guaranteed,
no gamble then at all.
A lucky few had jackpot wins ,
the house absorbs the fall.

These moneylenders felled the walls
insisting on repair,
so that they can destroy again -
is that what they call fair?

The patients blamed for the disease,
their tonic is the cause,
the undertrained physician must
not run his course, but pause.

© Mark Brophy

UK economy in double-dip recession
Mark is a seething ball of resentment towards inequality and injustice, but rather than do anything concrete he writes about it, on his blog ( and on twitter (@mark_brophy).