Friday, 20 April 2012

Supa Bupa

I worry, worry, worry,
All my life has been a bore
I worry about politics,
Global Warming, Tax and War
I saw this ad, in ‘The Telegraph’,
I thought, Wow! This is super.
It said: ‘We Worry For You’,
Send your details off to BUPA.

This is my salvation,
This is just divine,
They’ll do all my worrying,
My life will be sublime.
Hurray! For private medicine,
They’ve really got it ‘sussed’,
You don’t get this on National Health,
To ‘sign on’ is a must.

A brilliant plan -They urge you
To write: or use the phone.
They’ve trained this team of Worriers,
Who, mostly work from home.
The service is expensive,
Not for the working class
So I sent my uncle’s bank details
He’s rich and in Madras

I then explained my worry
To test their new techniques
I haven’t paid a penny rent
For over fifty weeks.
I head butted the bailiff
He looks as if he’s dead.
I’ve sent them this on E-mail
Now I’m going back to bed.

© Ralph Killey

How your private doctor is gaining at your expense
Ralph Killey worked on the Liverpool Echo for thirty years and became part owner of World Group Newspapers, Lancashire. He has a collection entitled: 'When there's Notin' on the Tele'.