Sunday, 8 April 2012

Sunday Review

We started the week on a skeptical note with Cornish poet Abigail Wyatt;s take on the 'Bradford Spring': Georgie 'Porgie' Galloway and there was no surprise when quirky Maryland poet Kay Weeks wasn't buying the corporate line in Wal Mart, Organic?

But we had some surprises - L.S. Bassen reclaimed an 'unspeakable' word in her powerful Cut the Cant on Tuesday. And new contributor Isaac Black's narrative poem The Titanic and the Black Man told the story of Joseph Laroche, the ill-fated vessel's only black passenger, it's final image: "still swimming: an Olympian, your body defying / the bone chill of water."

Social media has been in the news lately: The Poet Geo brought us Data Dictator on UK government plans to snoop on our online lives. And we finished the week with Barbara Gabriel's Why Can't a Killer be Loved? with that great line: "must love rock and roll and have a sense of humor" which chilled and amused in equal measures... something we always like to do here at Poetry24.

Have a great holiday weekend, but don't forget to keep the poems coming!

Clare (and Martin)