Sunday, 22 April 2012

Sunday Review

Review of the week

We've had a lot of new contributors this week, so I hope you had a chance to read them.  Philip Johnson offered us Just a loaf? due to the New Zealand Marmite shortage after we had a bite out of Lavinia Kumar's Raspeberry Pi

Other newcomers included American poets Cleveland Wall, who took on a serious case of Hydrangea Rage and Vala Hafstad, who "noticed the children were bitter. / They said so on Facebook and Twitter" about the expense of healthcare for pets in Saving Lazy. But why worry? Liverpool journalist Ralph Killey reckons private health companies like Supa Bupa will worry for you!

Linking all these subjects - health, food, anger - another new poet to us, Rinzu Rajan, shared concerns about supporters of Indian hunger-striker Ana Hazare in The Lost Sheep and their Shepherd to finish another varied week here at Poetry24.

and finally... Twitter poems

We were also sent a couple of topical Tweet-length poems which we always enjoy:

There's a race, in hot Bahrain
freedom fights, fear remains,
Bernie claims, to ease the pain,
freedom's lost, in this domain.

Farewell then, Ceefax
You have been superseded by the internet
Where people see fucks.

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Clare (&Martin)