Sunday, 15 April 2012

Sunday Review

We've been baring it all at Poetry24 this week...

From Abigail Wyatt baring our dealings to Big Brother snoopers in her chilling Another Lullaby to the bare-faced cheek of strip searches (L.S.Bassen's What suits a nudist?) and all kinds of anti-women legislation (Invasion from Lavinia Kumar). Then we had Ralph Killey baring his soul in Alzheimer's Allegory and ... er ... rowers losing their bearings (ahem) in Blue Boats from @keyfeatures.

We finished yesterday with a haiku from Antoine Cassar which used the bare minimum of words to highlight the plight of displaced people in Syria.

The last two poets mentioned were first-timers here on the site and we're always looking for new names, so don't be shy - send in your poems... if you can bear to!

Have a good week

Clare (& Martin)