Sunday, 29 April 2012

Sunday Review

Lavinia Kumar got us under starter's orders this week, with Bahrain Race. The money-motivated motor event went ahead, despite the pleas of thousands and the death of a protester. It may have been green for go inside the circuit, but outside, many were seeing red.

On Tuesday, the discord continued when Val Hafstad flagged up the trivial fault-finding that can form the basis for divorce suits in the UK. Her poem, Stuck, actually sprang from a news item that noted, among other things, a wife who sued for divorce because her husband insisted that dressed and talked like a Klingon. Language of the human kind was highlighted in Rinzu Rajan's , With Love, from Pakistan, following reports of a mutual desire on the part of the leaders of India and Pakistan, to improve relationships between the two countries.

Two more newcomers to Poetry24, this week. First, Mark Brophy, who gave us Pilate State, which tackled the current economic shambles, while highlighting the casualty toll of what is now officially recognised as a double-dip recession. Next, we had Good Friday, 2012  from Melinda Rizzo. She was inspired by the bizarre death of an actor, playing Judas, who was accidentally hanged during a performance of an Easter passion play.

To round out a week when David Cameron was probably still trying to work out what Nadine Dorries, meant when she accused him of being an arrogant posh boy who didn't know the price of milk, Ralph Killey provided his explanation with The Eton Gloat Song.

Remember, the news is a 24/7 reality, and therefore a constant source of inspiration. Your poems having been matching the pace of events, in the most impressive way.

Congratulations, this week, to four poets who have featured here at Poetry24!
Lavinia Kumar - In the current issue of Pedestal Magazine
Jess Green - In the Studio
Brigid O ' Connor - Novelicious Undiscovered
Helena Nolan - Shortlisted for the FISH International Poetry prize.

Don't be modest, let us know if you have been short-listed, won awards or prizes, or published elsewhere.

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