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Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Just a loaf?


flat bread
might as well be
a penny a dozen loafs
all useless


fresh baked or burned
hard toast

ye cannae lick it

the marmite


stingleflumpkin complicticous
the day without marmite

makes no sense?

© Philip Johnson

New Zealand Marmite shortage
Philip's words have appeared in: The Ugly Tree; Poetry Scotland, Emergency Verse, Write Away, Caught In The Net, Red Pencil, Writer's Hood, Transparent Words;  he works in elder care.


  1. You’ve summed up the unthinkable! We were only saying this morning,since we gave up bread (well almost), what can we spread our Marmite on? Suggestions on a postcard please....and keep it clean!

  2. Unthinkable indeed!

    Little Nell - there's a poser! Thinking cap came up with pork chop spread thinly with the delicious stuff - but would it work? Is bread its only partner? Don't know.

    Anna :o]

  3. haha - we have vegemite rather than marmite (though you can get both in Australia) but it is the same principle - no sense at all- I love'stingleflumpkin complicticous'. Vegemite can also be applied to Vita-wheats (thin biscuit made of wheat with little holes through which the vegemite and butter squeese through, to the great delight of children.

  4. I tried that chocolate Marmite once. Only once. Very peculiar. I love Marmite but – well – found there were limits.

    By the way, is it true that the most frequent inquiry at the Australian High Commission in London is, ‘Where’s the nearest shop that sells Vegemite?’

  5. Urghh!! Butter?


  6. Phillip - what do you mean - haha - we all use butter or margarine with vegemite (sandwiches, toast, etc.,) - it's a great combo. Are you saying that people use marmite on its own?

  7. I find butter sickly so I would have the marmite without, yes! There again, me mam always said I was an awkward beggar!!