Friday, 27 April 2012

Good Friday, 2012

In some portions of the world,
there are those who choose to observe
the Way of the Cross.

They bear the sting of a lash.
They crawl on bloodied hands and knees
to a place where they are carefully crucified

to embrace a token bloodshed.
Just enough pain, just enough suffering,
to taste what Christ endured on his final day

among a teeming humanity.
For one Brazilian Judas, it was not enough,
to throw the money down, before a pretend Caiphus,

then turn and run away. We know how his story ended.
For his part, Tiago, 27, must have felt the roughness
of the hanging rope against the back of his neck.

Must have wondered, am I sure about this one,
as the slip knot tightened, then strung him up
and away from the cool firmness of Brazilian soil.

Did the pretend apostles cut Tiago/Judas down,
hurriedly, perform CPR, to the Bee Gees “Staying Alive”
while Robin Gibb struggled to do just that in a London hospital.

Did someone else, maybe Mary Magdalene,
frantically called 911 at the scene,
andTiago was pronounced dead

at the Santa Casa de Itapeva hospital
where an autopsy will be performed on Monday,
because Tiago died playing Judas.

© Melinda Rizzo

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