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Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Cut the Cant

Whether bully or runt
or women cowed,
Woe unto you, scribes
and Pharisees, hypocrites;
you’re called out now;
Momma’s gonna throw
you from the train.
She wears a necklace
of shining cowrie shells;
In the Beginning,
She was the Word;
tides bowed before Her.
Bullies, runts, women cowed,
cut the cant on cunt. Now.

© L.S. Bassen

Grand, Old and Anti-Woman

An Unspeakable Word Is the Word That Has to Be Spoken
L.S. Bassen won the 2009 APP Drama Prize & a Mary Roberts Rinehart Fellowship; 2011; She is a Book Reviewer for, the, and press1, and has been a finalist for Flannery O’Connor Award.

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