Thursday, 12 April 2012

Blue Boats

There’s something moving in the water…
“Could it be a shark?”, the coxswain cried.
It’s gone quite fishy so we oughta
Restart this race, regain some pride.
That’s messed up our Joint Understanding,
Are rules our rules? It’s all fairplay -
J.G.Chambers with Queensberry branding,
The gloves are on. What’s that you say?
You need an oar to put your oar in?
Don’t be silly, there’s a good chap.
Unfair advantage? That’s a straight win!
(The Doctor’s just having a nap).
Schooled to beat you, class what schooled you,
Learned to get a nought from his
Attempts to show our breeding. Fooled you
To think rank is just how it is.
When life feels like an upstream battle,
It’s time for worms to turn the tide -
With pranks and thanks for actions that’ll
Stem the flow of fratricide.
Instead of just politely knocking,
Barge inside, throw wide the door.
Democracy? Popular flocking.
Don’t mention 1984.

© keyfeatures

Australian expat Trenton Oldfield disrupts the 158th Oxford and Cambridge Boat Race
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